Enchanted Chatter 

Everyone has a Disney story to tell.


believe we all have this magical connection and I'm determined to prove it!

Episode 1: 

Mainstreet Melissa

Melissa and Lizzie talk about

taking kids to Disney, going as a

grown-up kid and her son's 

fascination with villains

Episode 2: 

Adults in Disney

Lizzie chats with Jeff & Sarah

(aka Adults in Disney) about being...

adults in Disney (shocking!),

photography, and how to plan a

trip to Disney for 8 adults.

Episode 3: 


Lizzie and Alicia talk Disney fashion,

the wonderful world of horror and

#CreaturesoftheParks - an Instagram

campaign, created by Alicia, that

celebrates unique individuality in the

Disney community.

Episode 4: 

Cristina Fowler


Lizzie and Cristina discuss the Disney

Princess controversy and Cristina

shares her Disney career history

as well as her Disney proposal.

Episode 5: 

Mary Poppins

Book Report

Introducing the Enchanted

Chatter Book Club!

Our first book is P.L. Traver's

beloved 'Mary Poppins.'


Episode 6: 


Meli & Lizzie go off the Disney path

to spoil Harry Potter and geek

out hard about LOST!

Episode 7: 

Carlin from

Nerd Lunch

Lizzie takes the podcast in kind of

a new direction. Carlin from

Nerd Lunch joins to share his

Disney story, talk about the Marvel

Cinematic Universe and discuss

how he's showing his favorite

movies with his kids.

Episode 8: 

Shannon from




Shannon and Lizzie talk turning 30,

starting a small business

and sharing Disney with the little ones.

Episode 9: 




Lizzie and Madeline talk Harry

Potter, fitness, the psychology of

favorite childhood princesses and

how Padme’s outfits brought them

both into the world of fashion!

Episode 10: 

Ladies Weekend:

On the road to Disney



Lizzie, Erin, Cristina and

7 year old Miles are LITERALLY in the

car heading to Disney World.

Episode 11: 

Detour to Neverland



Enchanted Chatter and Detour to

Neverland have an epic 2 part podcast

crossover event!! Make sure to check out

Episode 1 here & Episode 2 over at

Detour to Neverland!!

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